InVision to End Design Collaboration Services by 2024

  1. InVision’s Shutdown Plan: InVision, a UX design company, will discontinue its design collaboration services by the end of 2024, with CEO Michael Shenkman ensuring users of no immediate changes in the coming months.
  2. Market Stagnation and Speculations: Users and industry observers speculate that InVision’s decline resulted from a failure to evolve its products despite once dominating the market, while competitors like Adobe explored acquisitions.
  3. Integration with Miro: InVision’s visual collaboration tool, Freehand, was acquired by Miro in 2023, with plans to integrate some Freehand elements into Miro and offer migration services for a smooth transition, encouraging users to retrieve their work before the impending shutdown.

InVision, a prominent UX design company, has announced its decision to discontinue its design collaboration services by the end of 2024. CEO Michael Shenkman shared this news via a blog post, assuring users that there will be no immediate changes to the service in the coming months. The company aims to provide ample notice to its users, recognizing that the termination of its services will impact their creative processes and workflows. InVision’s sales team will assist Enterprise customers with the transition, while self-serve customers can continue to use the service until the end of 2024, albeit with a shift to monthly billing.

Some users on platforms like Reddit and Hacker News speculated on the reasons behind InVision’s decline. While the company initially dominated the market and was valued at nearly $2 billion, it failed to evolve its products, leading to stagnation. InVision’s rapid fundraising and potential acquisition hopes by competitors like Adobe did not materialize. Instead, Adobe attempted to acquire InVision’s rival, Figma.

InVision’s visual collaboration product, Freehand, was acquired by Miro in 2023. The current version of Freehand is set to wind down, but elements will be integrated into Miro, and Freehand users will have access to Miro at no extra cost. InVision users are advised to begin retrieving their work and closing their accounts as all account assets are expected to be deleted after the company’s shutdown at the end of the year.