Koto Scores Big with Call of Duty’s Dynamic Masterbrand Identity

  • Hitmaker typeface: A custom-designed font embodying the franchise’s essence.
  • Unified visual language: Creates a consistent brand experience across Call of Duty titles.
  • Evolution, not erasure: Respects individual sub-series identities while fostering brand unity.

A bold new era has dawned for Call of Duty, courtesy of London-based branding agency Koto. They’ve crafted a fresh masterbrand identity for the iconic franchise, aiming to unite its diverse sub-series under one dynamic banner.

This reimagining isn’t about erasing the past, but rather building upon it. The core of the new identity lies in “Hitmaker,” a bespoke typeface inspired by the games’ military heritage and adrenaline-pumping action. It exudes precision, power, and a relentless forward momentum, perfectly capturing the essence of Call of Duty.

Beyond the logo, a cohesive visual language binds the entire franchise. Consistent color palettes, patterns, and textures create a unified brand experience across different titles and media. This clever approach strengthens the Call of Duty identity while giving each sub-series room to retain its own distinct personality. The result is a masterbrand that feels both powerful and diverse, poised to lead the gaming industry into the future while staying true to its devoted fanbase.